Thursday, 8 July 2010

Please not the dappy lions anymore!

You might have noticed.
That art a day thing didn't last long did it?
Main reason was I had a couple of long days at work
like wednesday, 8am to 6:15, then straight to dancing, then straight to cinema, then 45 minute walk home and then BED!
No way the first thing I think to do when I get home is say Yes Let's Sit Down And Update My Bloggity Blog!
So I didn't
and now it's been like 3 days
and I feel like a faaaaiiiilllluuuureeee
but not too bad because it's not like this is the end of the world
I've decided an art a day isn't really do-able
I mean I do draw every day
or at least doodle
But scanning it and uploading it an all
not so much fun
so from now on I'll post when I have the proper urge to
when I have something exciting and relevant
and not just throw pictures of dappy lions and such at you
god that lion was a bit crap wasn;t it?
I appreciate y'all for not saying anything
God knows I hate criticism
But I am always looking at my art myself
and I can tell if it is a bit dodgy
most of it is tbh
but some bits shine through :)
and you gots to perservere
cos the more art you make, the more there is to have a chance of shining
that's my theory
I realised at college and uni
watching my fellow pupils
not that I wish to be mean
but sometimes quantity IS quality
like you see one picture
it;s a bit crap
but if someone's filled 20 sketchbooks with it, and has framed one nicely
then you start to think there must be something to it
like that must be their STYLE
and who knows if they do that so much
they're bound to develop
and have it all figured out
and it'll count.


I'm not planning to throw quantites of crap at you.

But I wish to just use this post to say sorry I fell off the art a day bandwagon
But I WILL be posting more arts
and hopefully with this new mindset
they will be better.

Or at least not dappy lions.
x Britta

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