Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Germany Trip

I've been visiting family in Germany the last week, first in the picturesque town of Flensburg, then in Hamburg, which is basically London but better. The weather went a bit crazy; sunshine beating down one moment and then torrential rain the next, often stopping just as soon as I'd put my raincoat on to make me overheat with sun again. The trip was a really good break, lovely to see and get to know relatives (last I saw of them I was too small and didn't speak enough German to communicate well enough), and have Jim get to know them too. Amazingly Flensburg has jellyfish and starfish in the waters around the harbour (depending on seasonal conditions of course - we were lucky). Hamburg as I said is comparable to London, but it also has lots of green spaces and parkland which make it that much more pleasant. Though I don't think I will ever really like big cities with their big scary ways. Flensburg is much better for me. It even has its own Prince Pug! As well as a working rum distillary and many yummy food shops where even the bog standard is better than in England (think Greggs but with non-greasy, interesting pastries!). Photos to follow once I've sorted my way through all 300-odd of them (and that's AFTER I'd deleted all the fuzzy/duplicated ones!)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Strawberries painting

To celebrate Summer :) Lest we forget as the days darken, that joy once existed...

Monday, 2 August 2010

i still exist

Just incase you were wondering
still here
just not updating my blog
Anyone dissapointed?
no :)
I'll be back when I have wonderful pictures to share!
Like I said before, I do draw every day
Just a matter of uploading it all
One of these days eh? :)