Monday, 15 November 2010


There once was a girl from Blackwater
Who was very arty - well, sorta
Her projects would linger
'Til she pulled out her finger
And got down to work like she oughta

In memory of my time at university :P

Friday, 5 November 2010

Thrill the World 2010 and Scotland

SHOUT outs!

Browsing through Blogger, I was very excited to discover I'd been given a shout out from my friend Dan! It's very sweet to be thought of so here's Dan's Blogger sketchbook so you can check his artwork out!
On another note, dear attentive readers, I do hope you weren't holding your breath since my last post because then you would surely be dead. I, on the other hand, am bouncing and alive and here's what I've been doing with my life:
First, I quit my job at Zumo at the start of October. It's just going downhill so badly and I couldn't cope with the stress anymore. All predictions point to bar closure in the near future, which at least makes me feel a little vindicated. I poured my heart and soul into that sh*t job for two years and got absolutely no thanks for it, it was time to move on.
I haven't found a replacement job yet but I feel like I can move on with my life now, now that that chapter has closed. I almost got a job at Barclays being a counter assistant, but after getting through CV check, online testing and a phone interview, I fell at the last hurdle when they actually met me face to face for the first time :P I have yet to squeeze any feedback from them despite promises beforehand that they would at least deliver this if not employment. One job that DID want me was unsolicited door-to-door chugging (charity mugging), 8 hours of bothering people in the cold and dark and rain for no guaranteed pay-off, not for me. I really just want a cosy 9-5 deskjob where I don't have to deal with customers, although I'm admitting defeat now and handing my CVs in at shops.
Halloween was a flop for us, since only two of the millions of people we asked could make it, so we had to cancel our house party. We ended up staying in like it was a normal night since we were both zoinked from staying up til 8am the previous night, watching horror films at Quad. This reminds me, my boyfriend and I have a joint Blogger now where we review films we watch, go check it out at ! I designed myself an awesome-cool Day Of The Dead outfit but haven't worn it yet, photos follow when I do. The one Halloweeny thing we DID do was the week previously when we dressed as zombies to dance Thrill The World, which was satisfying since Jim and I got to be in the front row :D
One last thing: searching online for jobs I found this oppertunity to design and write for a cross-stiching website, which was too good to pass up since I love crafty things! I've done a few designs at home but now I have some professional software and will be posting my own designs on the website in the near future. Check out the website here :D

Cheerio for now,
x Britta