Friday, 3 September 2010

getting excited about hallween :D

The theme for our halloween party this year will be 'Mexican Day of The Dead', so we've starting planning what to do for food and costumes and such. We'll be trying to make sugar skulls and breads and other such Mexican snacks. For drinks, I think tequila will feature :D And COSTUMES! This is the bit I'm excited about :D I love painting my face and looking weird and wonderful ^__^ My plan is of course to be a sugar skull'd 'Catrina', complete with bouquet and flowers in my hair. This is what a Catrina looks like, for those not in the know. I found a tutorial on my regular crafting website,, for making skull flowers, which are fabric flowers with little 'Jack Skellington' skulls in the center. So right now I have about 40 little clay skulls waiting to air-dry so I can get them painted up and glued onto the flowers I got from Poundland :D. Last night I did a makeup test for one possible version of my sugarskull face. Here's the sketched idea and then the photos. I can see that there's some improvement to be had with the jaw shape and the layout of the design elements, but for a first go I'm pretty happy :)